Sunday, December 28, 2014

Teen Idle

Teen Idle

Teen Idle by lex-marie-blogspot featuring word wall art

I know, Radiohead quote and "Teen Idle" in the background, but I am obsessed with both of these things and they both invoke the same feelings in me. I literally can't get enough of "Teen Idle." I listen to it literally about 10 times in a row every time I even think about it. I can identify with it too well, I think. <3
With this set, though, I thought about if I were going to commit suicide, I would probably get pure and pamper the ever living sh*t out of myself prior, taking a bath, getting gorgeous and high and distant to the point where it comes full circle and the depression I felt just brought me to a new, closer sense of self where I would probably just want to live more than ever. (I was never good at offing myself.) Hash brown, Just Saiyan. <3 <3 <3

Blue shirt

Erin Fetherston sheer lingerie

ASOS patterned hosiery
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Rainbow Club hair accessory
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Isadora glitter eyeliner
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Marc Jacobs fragrance
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Estée Lauder facial mask
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Deborah Lippmann nail polish
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Word wall art

Hello Kitty food drink