Friday, May 31, 2013

5-Minute Makeup ~ My First Polyvore Contest Entry!

So I finally found out how to enter a contest on Polyvore, and of course I jumped at this one first. Very simple and classic and an absolute go-to when I'm in a tight pinch. The photo didn't say, but I'm 99% sure that's Hayley Williams in the top photo, who I'm a big fan of. I even stayed up and bought her MAC collection before they even had a page for it on their website. (I was somehow convinced they were going to sell out before I could get everything I wanted from it because that would be my luck.)
5-Minute Makeup


Clinique evening makeup

Maybelline beauty product


Truly Outrageous

Obviously inspired by a certain 80s heroine cartoon I loved as a kid. I'd like to think this is what she would wear if she was transported through time to the present
Truly Outrageous

Starlight, Starbright

Very cute, very girly, definitely something for pastel-colored hair, (which I unfortunately couldn't fit into this). This was definitely inspired by the colors and prints of the 80s cartoons I grew up loving.
Starlight, Starbright

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Post-Victorian Values

Upper class boarding school meets current trends with a Victorian twist. I wanted to see how I would personally style the Topshop Disco Pants. I love the almost steampunk glasses, which add a bit of whimsy, as do the floral D&G bag and the UNIF Hellbounds.
Post Victorian Values

Topshop sheer top

Ruffle cardigan

Elle macpherson intimate

High heel booties

Dolce Gabbana across body bag

Flower earrings

Flower earrings

Topshop waist belt

Retro sunglasses

Tom ford

The Promise

This is very obviously inspired by my favorite video game/story of all time, Kingdom Hearts. Kairi is definitely a fashion inspiration to all of us KH geek chicks out there, and I wanted to see if I could create an outfit that was an homage to her without the use of cosplay. (I'd considered using the Oathkeeper keychain, but that would have been too easy.) I also included Butterfly by Hanae Mori, which is an incredible fragrance and one I thought very fitting for this particular look.
I'll speak more about Kingdom Hearts in another post, but I really wanted to create something that was inspired by the game because it literally changed my entire life and I'll always consider it one of my most coveted memories from my childhood.
The Promise