Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lovely in Paris ~ Update #1

Looks like my blog is off to a very slow start. I've been dealing with what seems to be food poisoning, though I really can't be sure that's what it is at all. Regardless, it's kept me practically bed-ridden for the past week, which is unfortunate because I've had such an urge to accomplish things on my to-do list, including all of the pieces I'd like to post here. Some very near future plans include a Jeffrey Campbell collection, outfit of the days, and a haul or two. I'd also like to review a couple of albums I've recently acquired and discuss my viewpoint on "knockoffs."
In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying my Polyvore collages, which I'm very new to making. The one below is titled "Lovely in Paris" and was pretty much just a practice in layering that turned out ok. Not my best, but pretty nonetheless.
More posts soon to come! ^-^
Lovely in Paris

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