Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Collection

Leave it to the one and only Jeffrey Campbell to have sparked the sleeping shoe addict in me. Perhaps the greatest appeal of a J.C. shoe is that they wrap around my feet like butter, padded by a cloud. Not to get too poetic, but that is truly my best way to describe them, especially in comparison to any other heels I've ever worn. The only shoes I've had that rival in comfort have all been skate shoes, (DC, Adio, etc.).
With Jeffrey Campbells, the quality in materials is really what gets me. Real, supple leathers and some of the most high quality soles I've ever seen. They are really astounding pieces of art.
Now, I don't go quite as hog-wild about buying a ton of shoes as most internet fashion chicks, but in times where I desperately drool over a pair I come across, I'll do my best to get my hands on it. "Ganbarimasu!!" Case in point, when I first saw the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walks in black suede, I nearly tripped over myself. Sitting down. I'm really not quite sure what it was - the hoove-like silhouette, the velvet-soft suede, the danger in the lack of a heel, or a combination of all three - but I was a woman possessed. I found, which needs no introduction, and is he one and only place I've ever bought Jeffrey Campbells from. They're reliable, have a great selection, and don't charge taxes or shipping, and no I'm not being compensated to say this. From there, I not only found the Night Walks, but something that suited my taste even further. Say hello to my Night Spikes.

Jeffrey Campbell Night Spike in Black Suede - $189.95 (

To be honest, the first time I wore these, I walked from my kitchen's flat linoleum to our dining room's carpet and toppled forward. Luckily, even though they scuffed a bit on the toe, our local shoe repairman fluffed it back to life, and for free I might add. But this does go to say that, while you can walk on carpet in them just fine, be careful going from a flat surface to an uneven or fluffy one. You do have to pay attention to how you walk because it is completely different, so don't get cocky.

My newfound love of JCs didn't stop there. I kept looking at the amazing styles, some selling out of my size too quickly to snap up. (I wear a gargantuan 11-12 in shoes, but a JC 11 fits me perfectly.) My next purchase, however, were the lovely Beebee flatforms.

Jeffrey Campbell Beebee in Black Nubuck - $154.95 (

These are not as horrible to walk in as some would think, but once again, it is a bit different. I love the aesthetic of them being a tall flat. They remind me of a gothic schoolgirl or a Harakjuku kid. This is also when I finally understood an ankle buckle being “cute.”

The next couple I had to wait to return to stock, but I managed to snatch them both up on sale right before Black Friday, (on which they didn't get any cheaper and sold out, so SCORE!). Originally, I'd wanted these before the Beebee, but I'm glad the wait was worth it.

Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spike in Black/Silver - $174.95 (

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike in Black/Silver - $129.95 (

The Damsels are not as comfortable as the Litas to walk in because your foot is at a much more extreme angle, but they are still comfortable for a heel and I had no problems walking in them. The Litas are as comfortable as they've been raved to be, however, when I received them, the leather was dented quite a bit on the right shoe. Since they're real leather, this has been easy to work back into shape. The one thing I will say about the spikes, though, they're not only extremely sharp, but some of them are not secured very well. Luckily, they come with extra spikes in the box. I think they attempted to add glue to where the metal meets the leather, and this is a bit obvious as some of the spikes came back up because they're flat, but personally, this hasn't been an issue.

Let me now apologize for the blurriness of the photos. I lost my camera, so I had to use my phone, but at least you can see the shoes well. I'll do an updated J.C. collection if and when I get more in the future.

The Jeffrey Campbell's I love and don't have or missed out on are as follows, but there's no way I'm complaining. I love the ones I have the most, but just to give you an idea of the others I would still get if I could:

~HIYA Skeleton
~Deetz (black)
~Madame Spike (black suede/silver)
~Lita Spike 2 (black/silver)
~Starry Nite
~Salvatore (white)
~Damsel Claw (black suede/pewter)
~Lita (taupe suede)
~JC X Black Milk Rainbow Galaxy Damsel
~Lana (black leather)


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