Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's My Party! ~ My First Food-Swap Party

I was saving this particular set that I made a month ago to tell you all about a party I had last week and forgot to post about. X< Sorry, I goofed.
If you don't know what a food swap is, it's when the host(s) invite all their friends who like food enough to cook up their favorite recipes and bring a portion and recipe card for each person attending. Seeing as how most of my friends either moved away or wouldn't be interested in this kind of get-together, I had it with my friend Jessica, who happens to be a bit of a foodie. We took the swap to the table though, and instead of just having people bring their food in containers and stock up their kitchens, we brought out the dishes and spent hours tasting everything. We also hand-wrote every recipe on a card and put them in a case for each person, since we plan to make this a regular event.
It was a huge success! Everyone was in attendance and the food was excellent. Since hosts usually provide the protein, I made my boyfriend's favorite, breaded parmesan chicken, as well as a fresh lemonade. One of my friends made a zucchini boat her mother likes to make. Since she made a lot more than just one for each person, I can't tell you how many of them I ate. Jessica made an awesome lasagna with crepes instead of noodles. Myself being allergic to egg, she had to find an eggless crepe recipe.
At the end of the night, guests could take home whatever leftovers they wanted. I had made enough chicken incase we had a few last minute guests, (and we did expect one who never showed), so one of the girls who had raved to me about how much she loved it asked if she could take them home. I kept one, originally for my brother, (who I had to make an extra before the party anyway for his dinner because he loves it), but the next day I ended up eating it for lunch anyway. X> SHH!! Don't tell!
Since we plan to do this again, we're working on theme ideas for next time. I think it'd be a lovely Halloween idea, myself. If you're inspired by this post to hold your own food swap, be sure to tell me below how it went!

It's My Party!

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