Monday, July 1, 2013

All American Lolita

Lately, I've been studying Britney Spears and the idea of the American teen idol. I can't say that it's what initially inspired this set, but I'm sure at least this issue of Rolling Stone helped me get more of a feel for what it called for. It was such a huge influence in current pop culture, whether people approved of it or not, and is such a defining moment in current American pop history. Ultimately, while I don't approve of sexualizing young girls AT ALL, the lolita style is something I find to be very cute and powerful in its own right. Any hint at sexuality aside, it promotes femininity and the idea that every female deserves to feel as sweet and girly as they want, unapologetically.
All American Lolita

River Island elastic waist skirt
$31 -

Sheer tight
$19 -

T.U.K. creeper shoes

Skull jewelry
$3.16 -

Flower jewelry

Black ring

Benoit missolin

Tarte eye shadow

H M lip makeup
$3.04 -

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