Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Absence, Health, and Future Plans

Hello, all!!

As you can tell, I've been away from blogspot for a while, and this has been for a few reasons, so allow me to clear the air and explain myself.
In the past recent months, I've been battling a lot of health issues, all of which have been following me my entire life without my knowledge. To keep a long story short, I just found out last month I apparently have a gene nobody noticed before that hinders my body completely from absorbing iron and other nutrients that are essential to the human body. Basically, I could eat my weight in meats and dark greens and never absorb any of the proper nutrients. This, paired with a hormonal imbalance, has caused me to gain weight and never be able to lose it and keep it off. I was completely inflamed and borderline anemic for many many years, all with no explanation up until now. Now that we have found and understand the root of my problem, my new doctor has been greatly helping me to take the steps to getting healthy for the first time.
Since the 14th of January, (22 days ago), I have cut all gluten, dairy, and cane sugar from my diet, and have lost 9 lbs as a result with no exercise. 9 POUNDS IN 22 DAYS SANS EXERCISE!! (I've been playing through Final Fantasy XIII almost every day since I just got an Xbox 360 from my brother for Christmas and ain't nobody got time for running.) That is amazing to me, and what's even more so, is the changes I not only see, but feel in my body. I no longer feel like I'm about to explode or like I'm fighting to wear all of my clothes. And best of all, I have not gained a single pound back and have NEVER felt starved. I can't wait to see what happens when I DO go back to the gym. (This Michigan winter has been one of the worst!)
This newfound health has brought on a new confidence and I have been buying myself a few new pieces for my wardrobe. I stated when I first started this blog that I was planning on completely revamping my closet to fit my personality better, and even that dream is starting to come true. I've recently purchased a few items that really fit my new seifuku/pastel goth style and what's most awesome about them is that they will only look better on me the more weight I lose.
Hopefully by the time I have lost a more significant amount of weight and have my entire closet to my taste, my hair will also be to the length I've been dreaming of, (I believe I've mentioned before how I want to get it just past my ribcage), and I will finally feel comfortable posting full-body pictures up here! XD
In the meantime, I finally decided what I want a career in and plan to go to school for. I plan to take courses for music in gaming! I've always had a passion for JRPGs and it is a life's goal for me to become a video game composer. I feel if I focus on my studies and create as much music as possible, as well as keep up my Japanese, I will have a fairly good chance. My ultimate dream would be to work for Square-Enix, which I realize is overly ambitious to some. However, my new moto has been, "Success is not given, it is taken by the ambitious," and with that in mind, I see no reason why I shouldn't have a shot at it. I hope to start classes next year after my trip to Japan in the Spring! =D Until then, I will continue to fight to get myself to a healthy state and work on saving up for my trip. (I'll be buying cosmetics, CDs, and clothing like crazy!)
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read what I post. Wish me luck and if you are in need of support for your health journey, feel free to comment and chat with me! =3 I hope you all had a wonderful 2013 and have a great start on 2014. May this be the best year of your life so far!! (It certainly is for me!! X3)


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