Saturday, April 26, 2014


So I'm back, and hopefully this time, for good!! I have so much to share with you guys that's been going on the past couple months.
First off, my love of books has been rekindled. Last time I read like I'm reading now, though, I learned a valuable lesson about myself. If I read the same series too fast over an extended period of time, I will get easily burnt out. So I've had to pace myself a little better, but that's been easier than I thought it would be. Currently, my to-be-read shelf is MASSIVE, but at the moment, I'm reading and loving City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. My love for this series is unwavering despite the fact that the film was pretty awful. Just goes to show that if you want a film franchise to be successful, CONSULT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR!!
Secondly, I wanted to mention I plan to go back to school soon, but first I'll be looking for a new job. The trouble is, there's plenty of places who want me to work for them, but for free. :/ With my Japan trip coming up in a year, there's no way I'm working for free. I've got bills to pay!! That being said, I am going back to school for a Bachelor's in Music Composition and Technology. Looking forward to deciding on where I want to go, but I'm not rushing into things like I did at my last two schools. (That didn't work out for me.) I feel silly being 22 and not yet having graduated, but I've had to realize that the only one I'm competing against is myself.
Which brings me to my last point, I'VE LOST 35 LBS SO FAR!! Since mid/late January, I've been on a mandatory gluten/dairy/sugar-free diet. Holy hell has this been difficult, but worth it in the long run. All my pants are falling off and I have acquired many a dress since I last posted, so you all will finally get to see those. My legs are something I never thought I'd appreciate aesthetically, but the skin has tightened and all of my stretch marks have magically either turned pink again or have diminished entirely. This is a diet that, while please understand is hard, I still highly recommend. It's not about starving yourself, it's about paying closer attention to what's in your food. I had no idea how much sugar was in some things you'd never even assume had sugar in it, but it's really eye-opening. Of course I can still eat fruit, and agave is a great alternative to sugar or honey, but that's pretty much the extent of sweet for me anymore. I can do a post about great food alternatives I've found, such as ice cream and "mac and cheese," but for the most part, my diet is unprocessed. It's intense.
This all being said, I will be contributing much more to this blog now that I'm feeling confident, or at least more so. I need to put myself out there more. X3
On top of this blog, where I'll be keeping you all updated on myself, fashion, music, video games, books, etc., I'm going to be starting a second one for all of my finds/helpful advise on shopping. I've always been able to find the best things for the cheapest prices, and after a major find today, I decided to bite the bullet and finally start a blog dedicated to it. I'll write another post when it's up and running with a link, but until then, here's hoping you're all having a terrific day!! <3


P.S. I TOTALLY forgot to include information on my trip to Florida/The Bahamas in this post, so that's what my next one will be about!! <3 ;3

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