Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Festival Fun: Dress Your Bestie for Bonnaroo ~ My Second Polyvore Contest Entry

I personally have never been to Bonnaroo, nor have I ever felt the urge to do so, but this contest was all about how you would dress your best friend if they were to attend, I'm assuming with or without you. I just decided to portray what I would personally wear to any sort of outdoor festival that catered to what seems to be mostly indie music. (Again, Bonnaroo, not my usual scene.)
I'm in love with this hat. It kind of reminds me of something Sora from KH or Max from Where the Wild Things Are would wear if they were more urban, and the gender swap is ironically silly. The headphones are apparently the prize for winning said contest and were required, so I built the outfit around similar tones. The boots are the Jeffrey Campbell Everdeen, which are totally cool, and the awesome leather "utility pocket belt," (in other words, fanny pack), was a really awesome substitute for a backpack or a purse. A backpack would be too bulky and a purse would get in the way. The cherry on top? Gucci Guilty, which is a very sexy fragrance.
Anyway, I don't have high hopes I'll win this one, seeing as how most Polyvore contests are just a popularity contest to see who has the most followers, but I thought it would be fun to do anyway. I like the challenge.
Festival Fun: Dress Your Bestie for Bonnaroo

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