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Viva Las Vegas! ~ Lex Marie's Return from Vacation

Sorry this is late to post, but I'm back! My apologies for not letting you guys know where I was going, much less I was going somewhere at all, but hopefully you won't be too upset.

I went to Vegas for the millionth time!!

Viva Las Vegas
I'm sure I sound spoiled when I say I've been to Las Vegas so many times I know my way around some of the hotels like I own them. Of course I'm exaggerating just a bit, but I really love visiting Vegas and the moment I walk off the plane I can just smell exactly where I am. (The airport in Vegas smells slightly of cinnamon and something else I can't put my finger on.)
This time around, I was there for a conference event that my mom was a part of. She's become really into hypnotherapy and it ties well with her job, so this was an important weekend for her. We got in Wednesday and our arrival was nothing if not fabulous. First off, my mom treated me to Criss Angel Believe tickets for the next evening (I was a huge CA fan when I was younger) and we were greeted with, not a shuttle bus to the hotel, but a limo! For some reason, the bus wasn't able to pick us up, so we rode in a beautiful black car with A/C and leather interior instead! *0* Very happy accident.
We got to The Orleans, unpacked our toiletries, went downstairs for dinner and wandered the hotel looking at where the hypnotism event would be held. The Orleans is deceivingly huge, even though the casino area makes it look so small. We stayed on the 9th floor and had a big, beautiful, very clean room, so I was in heaven. The only thing was, internet was only free for 24 hours on one device per room, and I don't fully trust hotel internet connections anyway, so that's why I wasn't able to blog. X/ SORRY, GUYS!!

For my fellow cat lovers, we lost $6 to this machine. lol

We had the entire next day, up until the show, to do whatever we wanted, so of course we had to walk the strip. After a buffet breakfast, we went to a few different places, starting with seeing flamingos, black and white swans, and turtles at the Flamingo. We went to all of my favorite hotels and walked through some of the shops. My very first hotel, the MGM Grand, still smells the same way it did when I was little, but I did notice how much oxygen and vanilla they pump into the air this time. (You have to bring your own watch around those parts.) We even made it to the location of the LIGHT club at Mandalay Bay, and sadly, Skrillex wasn't playing until the 22nd, 5 days after I'd return home. T^T (Timing... so close... Tickets... so affordable...)

Regardless, I also got to see some costume pieces from the famous Michael Jackson, (may he rest in peace). It was humbling, to be honest. I'm not really a sucker for celebrities, but I do know how to respect legacy when I see it. I also got to see quartz crystal clusters larger than my torso that were over 180 million years old. Crazy! As if that weren't enough, I got to see the costumes of the Jabbawockeez, who I really enjoy watching.

These were crystal encrusted.

The beading on this was IMPECCABLE.

Such a cool entrance.


What's weird was this reminded me of a dream I had about a war in a warehouse. Don't ask. lol

Those are all floors with tons of rooms on them.

We got to walk around a bit on our way back to the Luxor, visiting more shops like Lick, which is too adorable and dirty in a witty way, I loved it. My mom bought us a pack of Chuckles to share. I wanted so badly to stop in the Minus5 Ice Lounge, but by that time, we didn't even have time to get back to the hotel to change our clothes, so instead, we got a frosty drink in a 2' tall plastic cup.

This dress was pretty fun. It was a high-low.

This reminded me of Giger, I loved it.

We got to the show 30 minutes prior to showtime, so the line took no time at all. We had some of the best seats in the house, where we could see the whole stage and the acoustics were best. However, one thing I'd left at the hotel were my glasses, so unfortunately, I can't say my vision was at its best. Luckily, one of my mom's lenses in her glasses worked for me, so at certain times, she'd let me hold them up to my eyes. Let me just say, the man still has some incredible abs. Although, the show wasn't as great as we'd expected, to be honest. Too much self-advertising and comedy, not enough illusions. But at the end of the day, I still got to see Criss Angel's beautiful abs live. Also got to see some costumes from older shows, so that was great. :)

Ladies, you're welcome.

After that day, we were totally beat. The next morning was time to start working the booth while my mom gave a presentation and watched others and took classes. I won't bore you with the boring details, but I will say that I got to meet some wonderful, interesting people, including a group from England who became acquaintances I would speak with at after parties and boring luncheons and dinners. (Ironically, the perfume I chose for this trip was Burberry Brit.) Specifically, I spoke often with Tim Box, who was the guitarist of both The Barbs and What Would Jesus Drive. Super cool individual.

I loved this chandelier.

During most of the event, I wore my corset that attracted a lot of attention and was half the reason I had to show up to all the after parties. Since my mom was gone most of the time and people still wanted to speak with her directly, I stayed close to her at all times, like a red flag. I love wearing it because it realigns my spine (which is why I got it) and it did help me make a better impression on people, but wearing a corset and 5" leopard print wedges attracts the attention of security guards as well, who followed me around almost constantly. It was ok, though. I think after a few days, they picked up on the fact that I was indeed a guest, not a streetwalker. It was funny, though, having men come up and ask me how tall I was without the monstrosities. They didn't always believe me when I said 5'9, but I totally am.

My phone wouldn't stay charged long. lol

These are surprisingly more comfortable than any of the flats I brought.

My last day, I finally got to see my family. My dad's wife picked me up with my two baby brothers in the backseats. The youngest was passed out and the older one managed to on the ride home. It was also nice to see my little brother from Pennsylvania, who I hadn't seen in what has to be close to a decade, now. My dad made two kinds of lasagna, one with sausage, one with beef. I wish I could have taken some home with me, but alas. My grandparents also made it over just in time for dinner. I love my grandparents ridiculously much, but again, it's a rare thing to see them now. I plan to start calling them twice a month, though. After the dinner and a little bit of time with my dad, my grandparents insisted on being the ones to drive me back to my hotel. We spoke about roads and my uncle who lives in an estate outside of London and the differences between homes in Michigan and homes in Vegas. I gave them both kisses as they pulled up to the doors. It's terribly sad each time we part because, after the death of my grandparents on my mom's side last year, (who lived with us), I never know when's the last time I'm going to see or speak to them. I'm so thankful my great grandmother lived to be 98 so I could have great moments with her before she passed. Hopefully my children will have the privilege to know their great grandparents, too.
The plane home on Monday was interesting. Prior to boarding, we witnessed a sip and skip at the bar we ate at and lost money to a slot machine. When we finally got on the plane, we ended up sitting next to an adorable cast member of Green Day's American Idiot. He was wearing a pair of Adidas ObyO x Jeremy Scott Rainbow Hologram Wings, which I told him I'd been pining over. He said, "Yeah, I've never paid $200 for a pair of shoes before, but I just had to have 'em." Every time he would pass out, I'd go into overprotective sister mode. He was just too endearing, like a lost puppy. XD
The return home was bitter sweet. I'd just had such an amazing experience that I'll never forget, so it was something that needed a few days to sink in before I could finish this post. All-in-all, I'm glad I went, and I always learn something when I travel. This time around, I learned the value of time, love, and people. I came back with a drive to work out, pursue my dreams with reckless abandon, and to call my grandparents more often! :3
I hope you all enjoy more posts from me in the realm of fashion, music, and the great joy
of living life.


Las Vegas Logo Casino Chips - Pack of 25

(I own all photos EXCEPT those of Criss Angel, the Adidas wings, and obviously those that make up the Polyvore collage. Please do not use without permission.)

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