Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lex Marie's Current Contributions ~ Prysm Magazine, ModGEN, and Drawing On Scars

In case most of you didn't know, I write music interviews for Prysm Magazine, a gothic luxury publication available both in hard and digital copies. Our 4th issue is finally out, and I've interviewed Frontal Boundary and Diamond Rings. If you're into gothic fashion and culture or are looking to learn about it, this is an amazing magazine. My friend who worked at Hot Topic with me when I was a teenager actually founded it and is very passionate about making Prysm more available, but for now, you'll have to purchase our issues here:

The cover of Issue #4 ~ The Fashion Issue

Also see my interview with Young Liars here. They are the sweetest, most humble guys I've ever interviewed.:!music/vstc4=young-liars 

I also contributed to my friend's fashion blog, ModGEN. I posted a WE LOVE about a trend I'm absolutely adoring right now. Check it out!:

Lastly, I've been working on another song with Drawing On Scars. Will is amazing at what he does and I'm thankful to him for allowing me to express myself through his work as well. To download our previous collaboration, "For You," and to hear some other awesome vocalists he's worked with, please visit:


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